What’s in a Sentinel Award?

Each year, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce recognizes elected officials with its Sentinel Award. This year the Chamber recognizes Superintendent John Huppenthal, State Senator Steve Pierce, and Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri for their willingness to champion efforts that ensure Arizona’s business climate is healthy and competitive.

The Chamber selects elected state and local officials for their outstanding legislative and regulatory work on behalf of the business community. Each recipient must have a strong track record of advocacy for policy reforms that support and help businesses of all sizes.

Attend the 27th Annual IMPACT Awards Luncheon to celebrate this year’s Sentinel Award winners. Register by Monday, May 12, 2014!

Introducing the 2014 Honorees:

Superintendent John Huppenthal has been a dedicated public servant for the past 30 years. In that time he has diligently supported Arizona’s public education system, leading efforts to ensure that Arizona’s high school graduates are prepared for college or a career.  The Chamber has worked closely with Superintendent Huppenthal in supporting the adoption and implementation of Arizona’s College and Career Standards, an effort he has been involved with on behalf of our state since the creation of the new higher academic standards.


State Senator Steve Pierce (R-District 1) is a pillar for the business community in the Senate, standing in support of education and several economic development measures this year. Senator Pierce co-sponsored Chamber-supported legislation such as SB 1413, which provides an energy tax exemption for manufacturers. As a former businessman, Senator Pierce has continually supported and advocated for policies that promote economic development while maintaining a fiscally sound state budget.


As Maricopa County Board Supervisor for District 2, Steve Chucri has brought his experience from the private sector to the county to promote efficiency and reduce burdensome regulation. Supervisor Chucri worked to reduce the paperwork associated with the County’s dust permit and bring the application online. This new streamlined process benefits businesses that regularly submit dust plans and applications. Supervisor Chucri believes that finding ways to creatively collaborate and lessen redundancies among governments benefits the taxpayer.


Past Honorees:



  • Arizona State Governor Jan Brewer
  • Arizona State Representative Heather Carter
  • Phoenix Councilman Jim Waring


  • Arizona State Representative Karen Fann
  • Arizona State Representative Justin Olson
  • Phoenix Councilman Bill Gates


  • Arizona State Senator John McComish
  • Arizona State Senator Michele Reagan
  • Arizona State Representative Amanda Reeves

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