Phoenix Chamber Supports Immigration Reform

As a longtime proponent of meaningful immigration policy reform, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce led a regional show of strength calling for immediate Congressional action by hosting one of five simultaneous press conferences this morning.

Business, law enforcement and religious leaders in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Nevada have united for the simultaneous release of a joint letter to Congress calling for prompt action on immigration reform to keep our communities secure and to boost our economy.

The Chamber believes that we have a window of opportunity for Congress to act on this critical issue, and that window is NOW.

You can show your support by reaching out to Arizona’s delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives. Let your Representative know that it’s time to Vote on Reform.  You can find your Representative here. Join the conversation on Twitter using #VoteOnReform.

The business community in Arizona, and across the nation, strongly believe now is the time to reform our nation’s broken immigration system.

The system, as it stands, is ineffective, inefficient and damages our economy. Regional Economic Models Inc. (REMI) estimates that for Arizona expanding the H-1B Visa program would add 790 new high-skilled professionals to the state in 2014. This creates a domino effect resulting in more than 3,200 total new jobs in 2014 and roughly 5,900 by 2020.

Immigration reform will do more than just help Arizona, it will help the country. According to Congressional Budget Office analysis, comprehensive immigration reform will reduce the deficit by $197 billion over the next decade and $700 billion in the next 20 years.

We have the chance to provide stability, predictability and diversity to our workforce, increase our Gross State Product by as much as $296 million this year alone, according to REMI estimates. We urge our leaders in Washington to continue this important work. The significant increase in new, highly-skilled jobs in the state will help get Arizonans back to work and help continue the state’s economic development.

Immigration reform is a key component in ensuring Arizona has a healthy, robust business environment that is globally competitive.

For more information read New Year, Renewed Chance for Immigration Reform by Chad Heinrich, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Public Affairs and Economic Development.

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