Selecting an Assessment to Support Higher Standards in AZ

Current and prospective employers in Arizona require an education system that prepares graduates for career or educational opportunities. The current gap between what business needs and the skills our students have is among our greatest challenges.

This gap, and the fact nearly 53 percent of Arizona graduates don’t qualify for a state public university and 59 percent require remediation in community college, is the reason that the State Board of Education adopted the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards. In 2010, Arizona took a step in the right direction by adopting the new standards in English and Mathematics.

Now, nearly four years after adoption, the Board is in the final stages of implementation and is procuring a new state assessment that will match up with and support the more rigorous materials that students are learning in the classroom.

In late 2013, the Board issued a Request for Information to identify possible assessment options for Arizona students. The official Request for Proposals to procure a state assessment was released on June 6, 2014.

The new standards and a new assessment will take our students to a new level—helping them compete nationally and internationally.

With effective instruction, investments to support the transition, the standards and assessment will transform classrooms into learning epicenters—creating leaders, entrepreneurs and a competitive workforce for the 21st century.


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