And They’re Off: 2014 Legislative Primary Races

The 2014 elections will be critical in determining the course of Arizona’s future. Knowing that, the GPCC PAC endorses pro-business candidates with the foresight and skill set to move the state forward into a bright future.

Chad Heinrich, Vice President of Public Affairs and Economic Development, explains the importance of the business community and voter participation in the election process in his guest piece in the Arizona Capitol Times. Read more here.  

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (PAC), a subsidiary Chamber organization, was established in 1978 to identify and help pro-business candidates get elected to state, county and local offices.  Having pro-business candidates in office helps improve the business climate in metropolitan Phoenix. Designated as a state Super PAC, the Chamber PAC is proud to support candidates from both political parties that best represent the interests of the business community.

2014 Endorsements for the Primary Legislative Elections:


District 1

Steve Pierce (R), Senate

Karen Fann (R), House


District 15

Heather Carter (R), House

District 23

Effie Carlson (R), House

Jeff Schwartz (R), Senate

District 4

Lynne Pancrazi (D), Senate

District 16

Taylor McArthur (R), Senate

Doug Coleman (R), House


District 24

Rich Bauer (D), House


District 8

Frank Pratt (R), House

T.J. Shope (R), House

District 17

Steve Yarbrough (R), Senate

J.D. Mesnard (R), House

Jeff Weninger (R), House


District 25

Bob Worsley (R), Senate

Justin Olson (R), House

District 9

Ethan Orr (R), House


District 18

Jeff Dial (R), Senate

Bob Robson (R), House

John King (R), House


District 27

Catherine Miranda (D), Senate

Reginald Bolding (D), House


District 10

Bruce Wheeler (D), House

District 19

Lupe Chavira Contreras (D), Senate

Mark Cardenas (D), House


District 28

Adam Driggs (R), Senate

Kate Brophy McGee (R), House


District 11

Scott Bartle (R), Senate

District 20

Paul Boyer (R), House

District 30

Robert Meza (D), Senate


District 13

Don Shooter (R), Senate

Diane Landis (R), House

District 21

Debbie Lesko (R), Senate

Rick Gray (R), House

Tony Rivero (R), House


District 14

Gail Griffin (R), Senate

David Gowan (R), House

District 22

David Livingston (R), House

Phil Lovas (R), House



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