BidSource: Missed Opportunities

Since 1988, the Chamber has fostered business growth through its procurement service, BidSource. Last year, more than one million matched procurement opportunities were delivered to BidSource clients who were awarded more than $180 million in contracts supporting more than 3,615 jobs in our region!

BidSource aggregates bid opportunities available with the Federal government, Arizona government agencies, school districts, colleges, universities and tribal communities plus government bid opportunities available in California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and western Texas.

The US Government is the single largest procurer of goods and services in the world. In 2012, the federal government awarded 15, 286 contracts, totaling $11.5 Billion in Arizona. Among the last 51 new Federal contracts awarded for work to be performed in Arizona, 25 have gone to companies not physically located in Arizona.Additionally, those 49 percent of contracts represent 58 percent of the total dollar value.

Tom Sheets is the Founder and President of The Stonewall Group, LLC a consulting company specializing in Organizational Performance Improvement and Federal Business Development.

Sheets said, “people should be alarmed over these lost contract opportunities that could have benefited Arizona residents and  businesses, but more importantly though, business owners need to ask why Arizona companies aren’t successfully bidding on more Federal contracts”. Sheets listed these top two reasons:

  • Many business owners aren’t aware of the variety of Federal business opportunities;
  • Many business owners don’t know how to compete or bid on Federal contracts

“Adding the Federal sector to your business plan is a strategic and long-term decision. It takes time to develop this market and companies must have the will and the resources necessary to position themselves and to develop this market,” said Sheets.

Register for the upcoming BidSource workshop on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. Learn from our resident expert, Tom Sheets, how your company can be successful in being awarded Arizona Federal contracts.

Through this highly-interactive presentation you will learn how to get started on earning some of this business for your company, find out about assistance resources available, gain insight into future trends, and share your own successes or challenges in doing business with the Federal government. Working together, we can help keep those contracts, revenues and jobs in Arizona.

“Two things we know for sure: the sooner you start, the sooner you will get there; and if you don’t compete, you will not win anything,” Sheets said.

If you cannot make the presentation but would like to learn more, please contact Tom Sheets directly to arrange a personal meeting at or 623.238.2914.

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