Public Affairs & Economic Development Guiding Principles Process

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Public Affairs program offers seven committees where Chamber members work together to identify policy priorities and adopt guiding principles. Through these committees, industry and community leaders, practitioners, legal experts, and policy advocates come together to evaluate policy and regulatory matters and form policy recommendations on behalf of the Chamber.

Throughout the year, the Public Affairs and Issue Committees meet to review legislative bills and ordinances, hear presentations, and unite together in support of or against policy proposals that impact the business community. The Public Affairs program brings government affairs professionals, industry practitioners, and business leaders together to evaluate and craft meaningful policy recommendations and set policy priorities for the Chamber.

Member involvement in the Chamber’s Public Affairs program is one of the most effective ways to influence regulatory and legislative policy, align with fellow Chamber members, and engage with elected officials.

The Chamber will begin the first series of Guiding Principle meetings on Tuesday, August 19. If you are interested in being involved in the Chamber’s Public Affairs program please email publicaffairs@phoenix

Guiding Principles Process

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