June Public Affairs Recap

On June 5th the Public Affairs Committee met for the last time of the 2014-15 year and after six years Susan Anable retired her role as the Public Affairs Committee Chair.  She showed exceptional leadership during her tenure, and made the hard decisions which kept the Committee true to the Chamber’s mission and purpose of promoting a thriving business community in Arizona.

Although there was time for cake, the committee still had one final vote to make before wrapping for the summer- Proposition 103 (Charter Amendment for Pension).  Deputy City Manager Rick Naimark gave the presentation on Prop 103 which you can find here.  It will create a new pension system tier for incoming civilian city employees with three tiers and is being called a ‘Stacked Hybrid Plan’.  Tiers are differentiated based on hire date and salary, which dictates the contribution rate.  Employees will have a maximum salary level for the traditional pension system of $125,000 and any earnings over that will be placed into a 401k style defined contribution system.  The Committee voted unanimously to support Prop 103 which went on to the Chamber’s Board of Directors for final approval.

On June 18th the GPCC Board of Directors met and voted to accept the Public Affairs Committee recommendations to support two City of Phoenix ballot propositions, Prop 103 and Prop 104.  As a recap, Prop 104, the Comprehensive Phoenix Transportation Plan, will fund a comprehensive transportation plan for Phoenix that will maintain and expand the light rail and bus systems, improve city streets and roadways and provide Phoenix residents with more transportation options. You can find more information on Prop 104 here.

Keep an eye out, we will be sending out the meeting dates for the upcoming  year shortly!

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